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Our Partnership

with GAEA Tree Service
As we start to focus more on consulting, we have been fortunate enough to join forces with Noel Rodriguez of Gaea Tree Service. Noel had recently relocated to Washington from Oregon and eager to start his own business. The combination of A&M's consulting and Gaea's Tree Services would serve the be beneficial for both. This partnertship has allowed everyone involved to learn and grow becoming more involved and invested with the ISA and Southamerican Chapters. Sponsoring and teaching in events like Tree Climbing Competitions, seminaries, aerial rescue events and trainings, and other international safety programs. 

Specializing in the best tree care practices at the highest level of safety. Hazardous, close quarter and standard removals, pruning and trimming. Environmental habitats snags and cabling.

We have 16+ years of experience working in the field. Implementing techniques learned by working with the best Instructors ISA has to offer.


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